How does BigDoor 24 help to...?

BigDoor24 displays your requirements to the widest possible audience, accessible by agents for 90 days from input. You deal with the agent you trust, in a language you are most comfortable with. As new property offers arise agencies will be able to see your requirements on an ongoing basis. Agents will contact your directly and it is completely at your discretion as to who you respond to.

We have asked participating Agencies to offer you at least a 25% discount on their normal fees (Buy/Sell - 3% : Rent - 1 months rent).

You are welcome to negotiate further discounts.

Important Note – Generally, agents cooperate with other agencies so your agent can negotiate on any property in the city on your behalf regardless of who represents the property owner or client.

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For more information read our;
Tips on choosing an Agent.

Credit Advisors do not charge you for their services and are independent of any particular bank.

With Bigdoor24 we will do our best to put you in touch with an advisor who speaks your preferred language and additionally we pay you cashback on a succesful homeloan application.

Tick the "I need a Credit advisor" box on the form or contact us directly here.


When we receive our fee for the referral, we will pay you zł 200 for every zł 100,000 borrowed. (Terms & Conditions apply and obviously we only payout after we receive the fee)

Example – borrow zł 500,000 and receive zł 1,000 from BigDoor24.pl.

Cashbacks are issued in the form of a voucher for your chosen Retail Outlet. Only outlets that allow for voucher purchases qualify. Cashbacks may create a tax liability. Please consult a tax specialist for further information.

Tick the "I need a Credit Advisor" box on the form or directly

Read our Moneysaver Guide for Getting a Credit in Poland

Whether investing or buying a home, it is recommended you use an agent. In addition to finding the right property and ensuring that it is in a legal position to be sold they can also recommend extra services required for the purchase.

Apart from the Agency commission, other fees may include a property tax, Notary and translator costs.

Property Agents in Poland are generally very helpful and will be happy to negotiate on your behalf with all extra professional services required.

Purchase Agreements are normally in two parts - the first, a Preliminary agreement, can require a 10% deposit with the balance due on Final agreement.

It is also recommended that you contact a Credit Advisor (no fees applicable and cashback available from BigDoor24) even before you choose your property to ensure no nasty surprises.

Please be aware that our price averages are just that, averages. Location, property condition etc. will all play a part in the final costs.

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Once you have chosen a property you will be requested to sign a contract between you and the landlord. Your agent should provide you with a contract that has both Polish and English. Other languages may need a translator service due to the legal nature of the contract.

Pricing is normally the basic rent plus utilities (called media) so make sure you account for this when entering your budget level.

Rent is paid in advance and an initial deposit of one month is the norm.

Your chosen agent should guide you through the entire process, including registration with the city, utilities etc.

Please be aware that our price averages are just that, averages. Location, property condition etc. will all play a part in the final costs.

Ready to start the process? Simply input your requirements and try BigDoor24 now – Just Easier

Getting a homeloan if you are fluent in Polish is daunting enough, particularly if it's your first time.

Which bank, how long, what are the hidden fees?

This is just a general guide from our experience and more advice should be sought from a credit advisor.

Tip 1:
Use a big firm, they will have more access to more offers.
Tip 2:
A bank arrangement fee of 1 – 2 % is normal. This means that you will need to pay the bank a fee for the privilege of borrowing from them. Make sure to budget for this.
Tip 3:
As of 2017, going alone and applying yourself to more that three banks will affect your credit score, just for applying. Strange but true.
Tip 4:
Home loans by law can not be greater than a percentage of the value of the property. This has been reducing and latest percentages should be advised by a professional.
Tip 5:
A renovation loan can be added to the homeloan and repaid over the same period
Tip 6:
You will need to have the property professionally valued. Not all valuers are accepted by all banks. Which means you may have to pay for more than one valuation on the same property. Find out the valuers credentials before committing. (A real estate agent can help you with this)

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Access to the Bigdoor24 network is completely free for Agencies to join. All we ask is that you treat our referred clients in a professional helpful and honest manner and agree to offer them at least a 25% discount on standard commissions. (3% purchase/Sale – Rental 1 month)

If you wish to receive notifications of clients selling/buying/renting properties in your area please contact us here with details of your name, agency name, Agency email address*, city and district and we will put you on our list.

if you wish all of your agents to receive the client referral please also include their email addresses.

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Suggestion for best use of BigDoor24.pl

We would suggest when contacting a Bigdoor24 user, you introduce yourself and your services initially to establish a relationship rather than just sending a lot of property offer links.You wont be the only agency seeking their business so the better and quicker the response the more likely you are to succeed.

We are building a more robust communications channel in the near future and please note all communications will be in English