The Digest - 7th July 2019

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Your Polish Weekly News Roundup

Today the Shops are CLOSED

UnTaxing the young/ Warsaw - Soundwalking/ Krakow - Synagogue Scuffles/ Katowice - Gas deaths/ Tri-City - Air Show/ Wroclaw - The Good Kind of Raceism/ The New Cold War/ Sport - Anyone for Tennis?/Duda Dresses, Ride for the Living and more

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Big Tax breaks planned for younger Poles - Financial Times


Warsaw - Soundwalking in the Capital - FirstNews

Krakow - Scuffles at the synagogue - JPost

Katowice - Gas explosion kills mother and kids - Newsbeezer

TriCity - Air Show coming soon - TriCityNews

Wroclaw - Raceism, the good kind - WroclawUncut


Poland's place in the new cold war - Reuters

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Sport - A Polish Wimbledon - TheNews

Odds & Ends

First Lady Duda & fashion - The Independent


Krakcast - Ride for the living

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