The Digest - 17th March 2019

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Your Weekly Polish News Roundup

Today the Shops are CLOSED

Nazi Art/ LGBT Base Booster - Warsaw/ En Garde - Krakow/ Statue Scrapped - Gdansk/ Stupid Stabbing - Wroclaw/ Praying for Parking - Lodz/ Poland in Nato/ Gay = Nazi - Sport/ Jew Spotting/ Irish Business in Poland - Krakcast

Editors Note - A special word from BD24 to all of our Human friends out there, particularly our Australian & New Zealand (of every faith or none) readers on the cowardly attack in Christchurch. We cannot control events but we can control our response. To our inhuman "friends" we say .. "Git F**ked !"


Prison threatened for refusal to return Nazi-era Art loot - NYTimes


Warsaw - Govt Targets LGBT Rights as way to boost base - KafkaDesk

Krakow - Double Edged Sword.. Literally - PolandIn Video

Gdansk - Controversial Statue officially removed - TVN Video

Wroclaw - Another Stupid( aren't they all) Stabbing - Wroclaw Uncut

Lodz - Praying for Parking - TVN Video


Poland & NATO - a 20 year history - DW

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Olympian compares fight againts LGBT rights with Warsaw Uprising - OutSports

Odds & Ends

"How to Identify a Jew" news headline sparks fury - Newsweek


Krakcast - On St. Patrick's Day ... Listen to what Irish business is doing in Poland

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