The Digest 20th January 2019

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Your weekly Polish news roundup

Poland - Atro-city/ Warsaw - Money for nothing/ Krakow - Loyalty Pays/ Tri-city - Why?/ Wroclaw - Hateful comments/ Poznan - Pigeon Paradise/ International - Italian Invite/ Sport - National Hero/ Odds & ends - Teachers know their numbers/ Krakcast - Wisla woes ( again)

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Atrocity in the Tri-City

Commemoration for murdered Mayor Pawel Adamowicz - ( TriCityNews)


Warsaw - Govt. Official slams link of EU funds to ... observing EU rules - (thenews)

Krakow - Jakub Błaszczykowski joins Wisla in bid to ... do something! ( KafkaDesk)

Gdansk - Trying to understand a crime - (Politico)

Wroclaw - Clamping down on online hate speech - (Wroclaw Uncut)

Poznan - Finally ! A Trade Fair for pigeon fanciers comes to town (WhoCares)


Italy invites Poland to the Anti- EU party - (Bloomberg Business)


Tennis Ace gets National award - (TVN - Video)

Odds & Ends

Teachers demand zl. 1 000 more or they strike - (TVN Video )

The Krakcast Podcast

If you are not following the Wisla soccer saga, you need to hear this

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