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Team BigDoor24 - Saturday, December 8, 2018 Tags: News The Digest

Your Polish News Sunday Roundup

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It's all about Pollution in Poland as Katowice hosts World Climate Conference -

Schwarzenegger lifted the smog in California and he explains here how Poland can do the same - ( TVN - Video )


Warsaw - Poland has worst pollution in Europe - Ugh! - (

Krakow - Informative 2017 article on Krakow / Polish Smog (

Gdansk - Gdansk winning battle against smog - (HuffPost)

Wroclaw - 5 anti-smog proposals - (TVN- Video)

Katowice - "We will not let Coal Industry die" - President Duda .... interesting choice of words! - (


The Tattoo Artist deemed a badly drawn history of Auschwitz award winning story - (The Guardian)


Poland 2020 Euro group announced - (polandin)

Odds & Ends

Tourists climbing snow capped mountains half naked ? .. of course they had to be rescued

- ( TVN Video )

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