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PiS to pass ? / Warsaw - Action! The Film Festival / Krakow - Make smog a memory / Poznan - Game Arena / Gdansk - Rapist suspect on cam / Wroclaw- Lime scooters let loose/ Lodz - Rubinstein clanks the keys / Katowice - Jungle Journeys / International - John Paul II's Obituary/ Sport - Lewandowski scores / Desert ramble / Wroclaw Podcast links.

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Poland's PiS to test their popularity - (DW)


Warsaw - The Warsaw Film Festival - (TVN - Video)

Poznan - Poznan Gaming Arena 2018 - (TVN - Video)

Krakow - Mayoral candidate vows to wipe out smog .. again (

Gdansk - Rapist suspect on cam - (

Wroclaw - Lime Scooters to flood the streets - (

Lodz - Rubinstein Piano Festival kicks off - ( inyourpocket)

Katowice - Jungle Journeys - (TVN - Video)


In the week of the 40th anniversary of Pope JP !!;s accession here is an obituary of his death from 2005 - (The Guardian)


Lewendowski ends Bayern 4 game losing streak with 2 goals - (BBC)

Odds & Ends

Pole first to walk through Gobi Desert - (

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