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Team BIgDoor24 - Sunday, September 23, 2018 Tags: News The Digest

Your weekly roundup of Polish News

Fort Dumpf/ Mo' Money!/ Poznan tacks as Govt. says "Nie!"/ Krakow 3rd/ Wroclaw racist suspect identified/ Ghetto memories/ Prodigy crash/ PLN 2 Billion Painting fraud/ Krakcast - let's get ready to grumble

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Fort Dumpf - as Grandpa Trump was originally known in Europe

Is Fort Trump in Poland a realistic option ? - DW


Warsaw - PS Unions rally for better pay -

Poznan - City Council welcomes refugees, Government say " Nie!" - TVN Video

Krakow - Krakow only Poland's 3rd best city to live in - Krakow Post

Wroclaw - Suspect identified in horrific racist attack


Lessons form the Past

Lessons from the Warsaw Ghetto - The Guardian


Crash forces early retirement of Rally prodigy - Eurosport

Odds & Ends

The Artist,the Butcher and the PLN 2 BILLION painting...Vat is going on?

TVN- Video

The Krakcast Podcast

How does one become Mayor of Krakow? - a constant theme of expat conversation in bars for many years, finally answered in this weeks podcast.

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