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Team BigDoor24 - Saturday, September 15, 2018 Tags: News The Digest

Polish News for Expats

VOX says Poland is endangering EU / Europe & Polands lessons for the US / Ryanair playbook getting old / Krakow sobers up / Lodz - Festival / Wroclaw - Dating the elite / Bloody foreigners / Pretend Sport / Like pulling teeth..but not / Krakcast pulls out the stats and today, the big shops are ......


VIDEO : Vox - Is Poland pushing EU into crisis territory ? Vox argues they are.

The Atlantic - A Warning from Europe - Noted Historian, Anne Applebaum, argues what Poland's past & present holds for the US's future.


Warsaw - Ryanair calls new Warsaw Airport project idiotic... Is this News? (KafkaDesk)

Krakow - Video - TVN reports on proposed limits to alcohol sales

Lodz - International festival of comics and games .. this weekend

Wroclaw - City twins with Oxford,UK (Wroclaw Uncut)


Propaganda Vs Policy

No immigrants ! ...but foreign work permits up 600 % between 2012 and 2017 (


Poland & Ireland win 1 -1, fans lose.. again. (

Odds & Ends

Who would do this ? Pulling teeth when you don't have to..

The Krakcast Podcast

Multi topic approach to this weeks podcast from these long time observers of all things Polish .. our favourite is the stats on Polish names.

And today .. the shops are CLOSED !

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