The Digest - Your Weekly Roundup

Team BigDoor24 - Sunday, September 2, 2018 Tags: News The Digest

The Digest - Your Weekly Roundup

Coal's gonna get you/ Lambo on the lamb/ Smart Poznan/ Krakow Tourists/ Katowice Climate/ Wroclaw-the bad side/ What goes up... / The Irish are coming/ Queues to decline/ Krakcast gets stripped


Homicidal coal report

VIDEO: Coal, Smog and Death reports from TVN


Warsaw - Lamborghini on the lamb

Poznan - Nominated for Euro Capital of Smart Tourism

Krakow - Arabs choose Krakow

Katowice - Confirmed as venue for next international Climate Conference

Wroclaw - Gang attack on film


What goes up .....

Success leads to cuts - Half of Polish companies unable to staff up - Reuters


Poland v Ireland in Wroclaw on September 11 - ticket details here.

Odds & Ends

Queuing to get easier - Population to decline by 2060

The Krakcast Podcast

The lads roar back from holidays with a re-run special on the scams awaiting visitors to strip clubs.

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